At Tiyoli School, the English program is based on the development of students by bringing them closer to situations in which they have to manifest thinking skills that require:

Communicate clearly, form critical thinking to solve problems related to your life and the environment, collaborate with others, manage the technological resources at your fingertips and positively transform your reality in a creative way, constitute the basic objectives of the program. We seek to create situations in which students can become the best people they can be based on their personal abilities and talents.

The Tiyoli school’s English program responds to changes in the world, not only by preparing them with knowledge, but in an integral way and with values so that they can adapt to any new situation and transform it into something better. To achieve this, we seek to know the characteristics and abilities of each child, their family context, their learning style and their talents.
We keep a record of the progress of each student’s progress, and adapt them to their needs and interests, we maintain close communication with students and parents.

We train teachers in new educational trends in the English language and innovate to always be at the forefront of education.
Each student is unique, each one has a step and a learning style. It is the responsibility of the teachers to set realistic and challenging goals for each of them and constantly check that these goals are met. Teachers observe them and keep track of their progress; how the student relates to others of his age, as well as adults. They also keep track of the progress of Reading, writing, listening and speaking

Teachers offer opportunities for their leadership students in and out of the classroom. Teachers encourage them to be independent and to communicate honestly. They model respect values and promote teamwork. The work records must show progress, if the expected advances in the language are not found, a special work plan is made to reach the required goals, firstly with the student, with the support of their parents and if necessary, With external help.

The Cambridge English tests are a set of English certification exams, each of which grants a specific certificate with indefinite validity. Each of the Cambridge exams assesses a specific level of English.

Being able to speak English is not just about being able to communicate with native English speakers, it is the most common second language in the world. … Learning English is important as it enables you to communicate easily with your fellow global citizens.